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Conveyair™ grain vacs can be used for more that just cleaning out your bins.  They can also be used to transfer product between bins without the use of trucks and can load bins or silos over 100' tall.


The Ultima62 comes with a 6" suction and a 6" discharge.


Click on "How it works" to see how your product is transferred.

Conveyair Grain Vac
System Features
Conveyair Blower

The field-proven Thor Heavy Duty 5.3 Positive Displacement Blower is the heart of the system. Castings are machined to strict tolerances to assure maximum efficiency. This allows you to move your grain a greater distance without the need for a more expensive booster system.

Conveyair Airlock

To achieve and maintain best performance, the Thor Airlock components are precision machined. The steel rotors are fitted with adjustable steel tips to allow the operator to keep the airlock working at peak perfomance at all times. The motor is driven by a reversible, pressure protected, hydraulic motor.

Camlock Couplers
Conveyair Camlock Couplers

Thor quick-connect couplers provide a tight fit to assure that vacuum and pressure is maintained in the system. The quick-connect system makes it easy to add or remove extensions while filling tall silos or when long distance grain movement is required.

Conveyair Silencer

The Thor high-efficiency silencing system reduces noise intensity by more than 50% with absolutely NO reduction in machine capacity. Our unique silencing design provides greater operator comfort for years of satisfaction.

Blower Protection System (BPS)
Conveyair Blower Protection System BPS

The heavy-duty displacement blower is protected using the Conveyair Blower Protection System (BPS). The BPS cleans the dust and debris from the blower air supply and provides years of trouble free performance.

Conveair 2 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty!

Thor Manufacturing is proud to stand behind our Conveyair™ product line with a 2 year warranty.   

Bin to Truck

Bin to Bin

Truck to Bin

Conveyair Grain Handling
Conveyair Grain Vac Flexible and Versatile Grain Handling
Conveyair Grain Vac moving grain from truck to bin
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