Your grain is carried on a cushion of air!



  Suction                                        6"

  Discharge                                    6"

  Length                                         99" / 252 cm

  Width                                           93" / 236 cm

  Transport Height                         98" / 249 cm

  Boom Discharge Height              12' / 3.7 m

  PTO Speed                                 1000

  Recommended HP                      110 HP


Capacity (BPH)*

  Soybeans                                   2800 - 3600

  Wheat                                         3000 - 3800

  Canola                                        3000 - 3700

  Barley/Corn                                3200 - 4000


*Capacities are based on standard truck loading discharge height and standard intake hose length and size, using dry clean grain.  Can vary with conditions.


Conveyair™ Ultima Series grain vacs remove dust and contaminates from the grain as it is being processed through the vac. The grain is then pushed on a cushion of air to your truck or your bin. This process not only is gentler to your grain, but is also  safer than working in a dusty, enclosed environment.

Our Vision

Conveyair™ is a world-class manufacturer of Material Transfer Equipment.


It is our vision to lead the industry by continuing to build a quality product, which is a cleaner and healthier alternative for moving grain. We will always develop and build new products with our customer's needs at the forefront.

New Features

New Saftey Features

Being visible is always important when travelling on public roadways with agriculture equipment.  The new safety lights and reflectors make this easy and are standard equipment.  Included is both the 7 pin round tractor connection and a 4 pin flat pickup connector. 

New User Friendly Features

Airlock speed is very important to achieving the optimal performance from your Conveyair™ grain vac.  The new digital RPM gauge makes setting the airlock speed very easy.  It also contains a handy hour meter to keep track of machine usage for maintenance intervals.

The hinged access door on the main cyclone makes it easier to cleanout if you plug the machine or for removing obstacles from the airlock.

Conveyair™ TUFF PolyFlex VHD cleanup hose has been designed for use with our grain vac and is almost 50% lighter than traditional rubber cleanup hose.  It's also more flexible and has extremely good abrasion resistance. 

The new PTO holder is easy to use for holding the PTO shaft during storage or transport with a pickup.  It also quickly folds out of the way during use. 

New Performance Features

Blower inlet pipe size increased to 6" to improve performance of the Blower Protection System.  Also the blower outlet pipe has been increased to 6" to improve muffler performance.

The dust pail has a new seal design with an additional tension adjustment to maintain "like new" seal performance over the life of the machine.

Vacuum and pressure gauges are included to aid in optimal machine setup.

The main cyclone lid is now removeable for easy access to install the optional wear liner and for maintenance.

Conveyair™ Grain Handling Systems are manufactured by Thor Manufactuing Ltd.  For more information on Thor, click on the Custom Manufacturing tab.


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